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Have you seen Anna Evans?

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Jeff Bohen

On the evening of March 2nd Anna Evans went to bed, the next morning she was gone, and her family hasn’t seen or heard from her since.   

"Anna Easter 2010"

We spoke with Anna’s mother, who is concerned, “I just want her to come her safely, have a happy life, and…. to love her.”

Have you seen Anna Evans?

Anna Evans, 16y, has been missing since March 3rd 2011

As part of a “Plaster and Poster” weekend, Evan’s is calling on local agencies and universities that are looking for a cause to get

involved in, to help her find her daughter.  ‘We need there help, Evans said, with concern for her daughter pouring through every fiber on the phone.

Anna, “Loves make up stores…listens to “Screamo music, wants to go to cosmetology school..and has a medical challenge which makes the situation even more frustrating for the Evan’s family  because Anna’s issue can be exacerbated under certain circumstances.

Anna is sometimes called “Nina” or” Neena” and might very well seek friends familiar with Russian Culture.

Evan’s believes her daughter is in South Eastern Pennsylvania region, specifically the Philadelphia, Clifton Heights, Upper Darby,  areas.

Anna  is 4 feet 11 inches, approximately 90 pounds, black hair, blue eyes, fair skin.

If you think you see Anna Evans, please contact your local police, 911,  the Citizens Crime Commission at 215- 546 TIPS (See link below)

A reward of 2000.00 is being offered by CCC.

 Friends “It takes a village to raise a child.”

In this case, it’s going to take a village to find a missing child.

REWARD POSTER (pdf file) –>