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Hatboro Council Accepts Borough Manager’s Resignation

By Nicole Jenet
The Public Spirit

Hatboro Borough Council unanimously approved Tommy Ryan’s resignation from his borough manager position at a special meeting Wednesday.

“It’s sad day for Hatboro,” council Vice President Nancy Guenst said Thursday of Ryan’s resignation.

“He was one of the best managers we ever had in Hatboro, but there was too much intimidation going on there and too much bullying and no one should have to put up with that ever,” she said.

According to Guenst, Ryan “went through a lot of bullying” in Hatboro from “the boys” on council, but mostly from councilman Vincent LaSorsa.

Guenst said LaSorsa got “aggressive” with Ryan during an executive session.

In a statement, council President Marianne Reymer requested be entered into the meeting’s minutes, she said that “this past fall, during an executive session, Mr. LaSorsa became physically aggressive and threatened Tommy. The matter was reported to the police.”

Following that executive session, council requested police presence at all subsequent executive sessions.

Also in her statement, Reymer requested that Ryan “has been subjected to intimidation, verbal attacks, and humiliation in a public forum as well as written communications by Mr. Zygmont, Tompkins and LaSorsa.”

While Hatboro’s borough manager, Reymer said Ryan oversaw the completion of the Williams Lane project, was “key to the successful negotiation of the public works contract,” he researched health insurance options for borough employees, “headed off a potential last-minute change in the pricing of the teamster’s health insurance plan,” and prepared a “balanced and transparent” 2011 borough budget.

“Tommy epitomizes excellent municipal management skills. He has a constant eye to the bottom line, has created efficiencies in staffing, implemented cost-saving measures and found ways for the borough to benefit from grant opportunities,” Reymer said.

After council approved his resignation with a 6-0 vote, council voted 4-2 to use Keystone Municipal Services for an interim borough manager. Councilman Bill Tompkins was not at the meeting.

“Someone has to be there for the day-to-day administration of the borough and to do anything else would be completely irresponsible,” Guenst said. She added that Hatboro has used Keystone’s services in the past for interim personnel while searching for full-time employees while Councilman John Zygmont was serving as council’s president. Guenst also said that Keystone helps manage their search for a new manager as well as providing an interim manager.

For an interim manager from Keystone, Hatboro will pay $80 an hour for 20 hours of weekly service. For Keystone’s help in finding a new manager, Hatboro will pay a fee not to exceed $5,500, Guenst said.

According to Guenst, it shouldn’t take more than 60 days to find a new full-time borough manager.

Republished with the permission of The Public Spirit/Globe Times Chronicle

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