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Giant in Upper Moreland One Step Closer to Building Gas Station

By Jesse Reilly
The Public Spirit

It seems another gas station will be coming to Upper Moreland.

The board of commissioners approved the development of a Giant fueling station at the old Pizza Hut in the 400 block of York Road at its meeting Monday.

The 12-pump fueling station and 1,000-square-foot convenience store have been a topic of discussion for the commissioners since last May.

Although the board green-lighted the project, Kerry Eck, Giant’s manager of real estate, said there were still a few hurdles to clear.

Giant still needs a highway occupancy permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation before it can apply for building permits from the township. Although Eck said that could take several months he said the company is hopeful the site will be operational by the fall.

Construction of a fueling station of this nature typically takes 10 to 12 weeks for construction, but, because of complications with a retaining wall on site, Eck said it could take 20 weeks for this location.

Prior to approving the development the board also OK’d 14 waivers.

Because the property is adjacent to residential homes, Commissioner Donna Parsell said she spoke with a number of the residents who would be affected before moving forward.

Although one resident praised the company for its good practices and upkeep, another was concerned that a new gas station could put the current ones in the township out of business.

“Was there an economic impact study done,” a resident asked the board. “Shouldn’t it have been discussed? I don’t want to see two gas stations vacant in the township because of Giant.”

An economic impact study is not required, Josh Gantz, the township’s assistant solicitor said.

“We cannot preclude any businesses from the township because of competition,” he said. “We can look into how the properties around the business will affect storm-water management issues, traffic and sight lines. Beyond that the commissioners don’t have the power to determine how it will affect other businesses in the area.”

Republished with the permission of The Public Spirit/Globe Times Chronicle

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