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Brag Board: Tim Hart, A Finder of Wallets…

By Jeff Bohen
Staff Writer – (jbohen@buxmontnews.com)

Ever lose a personal item before on a train, cab, or bus?

Did you think you’d ever get it back intact?

On Thursday I lost my wallet while navigating the Market Frankford Line in Center City during rush hour.

I thought it was goner, never to be seen again. I was sickened by the thought of  all the hoops I was going to have to jump to get all my identification back,  that were in the Christmas gift my Mom gave me.

When I finally got home, I turned on the computer, opened my e-mail and there it was.

A magical message in the form of e-mail from young man named “Timothy Hart,” who is called “Tim” by those close to him, the subject line read:

“Your Wallet” from Timothy Hart with contact information.

Only a short time before a friend said to me  in a text message “have faith” maybe a good citizen would find and locate it.

I was doubtful.

How many people have lost wallets on public transportation never to see them again?

Tim Hart is more than a just a good citizen of the City of Philadelphia I found out.

He is a the type of guy I can only aspire to be.

Creative, intelligent, and exuding  a sense of humility and honesty that can’t be bought online  he rewarded my faith in people with that one e-mail.

There is nothing reality -TV  about Hart.  His words and thoughts have no hyperbole to every syllable enunciated.

Tim Hart, My Wallet, and Calimba outside of Gallery (Jeff Bohen)

He’s not  your typical 20-something caught up in the “I’m going to do homework now” pronouncements often observed on social media. He’s well read in the philosophy of existentialism, knows how to pronounce Nietzsche’s  name correctly, and cracks up at the idea of he and  personal wants in the same sentence.

We spoke on the phone for about 35 minutes.   A majority of it about things not having to do with

my lost, but now found, possession.

We agreed to meet the next day.

Friday  we  met at the Gallery in Philadelphia.

Among the hustle and bustle of  the Friday shopping crowd  we shook hands and like two friends picking up the strands of a last conversation we started with what we left off with the night before.

I offered a reward,  lunch (three times) he declined.   “I could go for some coffee,’ he said,  and with that we were off to the closest coffee shop in the Gallery.

He told me about “Love”  of  his life, girlfriend, Valentina 28, and her daughter Mischa 3.

He spoke glowingly about his mother and father too.

Hart, with Valentina and child  is going  on a trip to Venezuela,  for 4 months. He  says they’ll have two weddings if need be to satisfy families on both sides of the equation.

Hart was on his way “to my Mom’s place,”  in North East Philadelphia  for a visit, and “to make some music.”

“I was getting off the train, saw the wallet, and immediately thought, oh no someone is having a bad day.”

“I went up to the person that I thought was sitting in that seat and asked if it was his wallet.”

He said “No.”

“Got home, found your name and ID in there,  jumped on the internet, its beautiful you know, the internet that is, and found you  in a matter of a minute.”

Then sent  a couple of e-mails and there we were in The Gallery.

I asked him why he choose to return the wallet, considering the fact that a majority of the time someone might try to cash in on finding the valued possession, “I don’t know, it never really came up as an option, I’ve been very fortunate in life, never having any intense sense of wants or neediness…and I’ve lost mine before and I know what a hassle it is,” he said.

Hart, the universe, and lost money or items, seem to have an attraction for each other.

He told me that in the last couple of weeks, he had found a total of 22 dollars on two separate  occasions, and then related an incredible story about traveling across the western part of the country, winding up in San Francisco, at a park, using his last dollar to purchase a guitar pick, so he could play “…and maybe make some money playing…” because…” people seem to be doing that.”

“I’ve been taken care of till this point” as  he related his story.

He took a short nap, woke up, took a step and found….yes you guessed it.

A wallet.

Inside was a $100.00 bill and no ID.  His cash crunch over,  he was now fluid again.

His Mother, Dot Heart, whom I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with on two occasions, told me “Tim likes to tinker with things and is always involved with or doing something creative.”  In my estimation creative might be a bit of an understatement.

He builds and sells instruments called Kalimba’s also known  as “Thumb Piano’s”

Jeff Bohen

Tim Hart Plays Kalimba outside of Gallery in Philadelphia

The instrument originates from Africa. (see link below for more info) and has been used in a number of recordings, notably Pink Floyd’s  “A Saucerful of Secrets.”

He gave me one as a gift!

He writes and records music, and did so Thursday night writing the song “Attraction Found,” inspired by this  lost wallet episode we’ve experienced together.  (link to song will be available  shortly)

Hart has a website www.reverbnation.com/timothyhart where he uploads his music for friends and family to listen.

Hart attended Temple University’s  Tyler School of Art from 2003-2007. He didn’t complete his degree,  following a calling elsewhere. I hope he returns to Temple , not because he needs to, but because Temple needs “mench’s”  like him.

And that is why he  is this weeks Brag Board person.

If your interested in purchasing a Kalimba made by Tim, you can reach him at selfrealization1111@gmail.com and put “Kalimba” in the subject heading  or drop an e-mail to me at Jbohen@BuxMontNews.com and I’ll surely pass it on to him.

Tim and I plan to get together and “jam” real soon.

Now I consider him a friend, not because he found my wallet, but because of the person he is, and the things he believes in. As a person, he is worth bragging about in my opinion.

Link to info. on Kalimba’s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalimba

  1. ingrid
    March 7, 2011 at 8:33 AM

    Enjoyed reading this story. Restores my faith that their are good, honest people still left in this world.

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