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Giuseppe’s in Warminster Receives Approval to Move

By Jesse Reilly
The Public Spirit

After nearly two years of debate and a number of concerns from residents, it seems Giuseppe’s Restaurant — that has been operating in Warminster Township for nearly 40 years — is moving.

The project was finally green-lighted at the board of supervisors’ Feb. 24 meeting.

The restaurant will move about a mile down the road and take up residence at the intersection of Street and Delmont roads.

The main concerns about the 8,100-square-foot restaurant and bar have, according to Chairwoman Ellen Jarvis, included having a bar so close to a residential development, additional traffic and light from cars in the parking lot as well as the demolition of a historic house on the site.

Many residents were also concerned that the changes to the township’s subdivision and land development ordinances also made it easier for the developer because the parcel was changed from a residential zone to a commercial zone.

“It wasn’t something we did for Sal [Giuseppe’s owner], it is something we did for Warminster Township,” Jarvis said in an interview prior to the meeting, adding that the ordinances were changed to match the municipality’s comprehensive plan.

“It strengthened Warminster’s ability to attract good, sound development,” the chairwoman continued. “It’s why we’re seeing things like CVS, Costco and Whispering Pine go up.”

During the two-year process, Jarvis said the owner has made a number of concessions to appease the surrounding community including preserving the historic house and agreeing to a number of off-site improvements at the Ben Wilson Senior Center.

“He has been very considerate, he has delayed the process to try to address every concern,” Jarvis said in an interview before the meeting. “He’s turned the building, had everything re-drawn and agreed to a number of off-site improvements.”

Although the owner received the go-ahead from the township, he may still have to clear up some issues with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation regarding the increased traffic that his development may bring to the intersection, but Jarvis said she is excited to be moving forward.

“He is one of the businessmen in the community that has given back to Warminster,” she said. “He runs a fine business and, personally, I welcome his business.”

Republished with the permission of The Public Spirit/Globe Times Chronicle

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