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Woman Charged in Fatal New Year’s Day Crash Has Preliminary Hearing

By Tom Sofield
Editor – (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)

Catherine Amon, yesterday, being escorted by constables, outside the Richboro District Court building. (Tom Sofield)

Monday afternoon in Richboro, District Justice William Benz, ordered Catherine Amon to be held on $500,000 bail until she can face trial for the deadly Northampton crash that occurred when she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Albert Costantini, a 22-year veteran of the Upper Southampton Police Department, was headed to work when he heard reports of a vehicle accident on his police radio. He immediately headed towards the scene.

Costantini stated to the court, when he arrived to the scene he heard Catherine Amon, 43, of Maple Avenue in Upper Southampton, screaming, ““Help him! Help him! You have to help him!”

The him was, Raymond Bloemker, 40, of Upper Southampton, and Costantini testified Monday, at Amon’s preliminary hearing, that Bloemker had a laceration to his head and no pulse.

According to testimony and police reports, the accident occurred shortly after 6:30 a.m., on the morning on January 1, 2011. Amon, along with Bloemker, left a friend’s New Year’s party and drove west on Bristol Road when the vehicle veered off the road and into three trees.

The crash ripped the roof off the 2008 Mazsa Six, Costantini testified.

Court documents show Amon had her license suspended from a previous DUI at the time of the accident.

Northampton police detective, Charles Pinkerton, told the court that when he arrived to the scene minutes after the crash, the car was turned on its side against a tree and Bloemker’s body was lying across dashboard of the 2008 Mazda Six.

The scene of the fatal crash as seen New Year's Day. (Tom Sofield)

Pinkerton smelled the stench of alcohol on Amon’s breath and observed her glassy and bloodshot eyes, he said.

Amon said hours after the crash that she had been drinking beer and champagne during the evening hours of December 31, 2010, according to Pinkerton’s testimony.

When Northampton authorities obtained a warrant, they searched the wreckage of the Mazda. Inside they found marijuana and drug paraphernalia, said Pinkerton.

Objects discovered in the car were found to have marijuana residue on it, Pinkerton told the court.

A compact mirror that was discovered in Amon’s purse was found to have cocaine residue on it, Pinkerton stated.

Amon had a .114 BAC (blood alcohol content) when blood was taken at St. Mary’s Hospital, around 8:30 a.m. on the morning of January 1, 2011 according to Theodore Siek, the toxicology director for the Bucks County Crime Lab.

Siek also said, her blood also tested positive for marijuana and cocaine.

“The drugs and alcohol impaired her safe driving ability,” Siek said.

“There is no evidence that driving under the influence lead to (Bloemker’s) death. No evidence.,” Amon’s attorney, Mike Parlow, told the court.

Catherine Anne Amon (Northampton Township Police Department)

“She is wreck less,” said Bucks County Assistant District Attorney, Davis Zellis, who refuted Parlow’s claim saying, “Her judgment was impaired the minute she leaves a friend’s house and puts the key in the ignition knowing full well she was above the legal limit.”

If convicted in county court Amon could face a 3 to 6 year minimum sentence.

Family and friends of Bloemker filled the courtroom.

Outside they gathered along with the sister and friend of another man who passed away during an incident with Amon in 2009.

Barbra Heim said her brother, Frank Rees, was in the car with Amon, coming home from Parx Casino, when he somehow he ended up outside the car while it was moving. He suffered serious injuries and was discovered by Upper Southampton police the next morning, said Heim.

Police told Hiem, they could not charge Amon in Frank’s death due to a technicality but were sorry.

“She is so evil, just an evil person,” said Hiem,”Hopefully they get her this time.”

Amon’s lone supporter in the courtroom, who did not want to be named, said, “She’s going through a rough time. She’s a good person.”

No trial date has been announced yet.

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  1. Sandie
    March 1, 2011 at 10:39 AM

    I feel that justice is finally being served. It will never bring Ray back. His 2 daughters Victoria Rae and Cheyenne will be with out a father for the rest of their lives. Ray will never be able to walk down the isle with neither one of his girls by his side. Hopefully, they will know that their father is with them always.
    God Bless you Raymond RIP

    Sandie Bloemker

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