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N.C. Cop Shot by Upper Southampton Couple in November Still Recovering

February 19, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Officer John Taylor talking to the media. (WNCT-TV)

John Taylor, the Roanoke Rapids police officer that was gunned down by an Upper Southampton couple back in November has been making excellent progress, but did that experience change him and will he continue to work in law enforcement?

It’s a story that was so good we couldn’t fit it all in our 6 o’clock newscast, so we’re now continuing our coverage of Taylor’s road to recovery:

He says it’s all he’s ever done and all he’ll ever do.  Officer John Taylor knew it at 21, but he didn’t know, 10 years later, that his calling would be put to the test.

“They didn’t shoot at John Taylor, the person, they just shot at the first blue uniform they saw, or grey, or brown or whatever color uniform might be, and I hope, that my encounter could have saved another officer and another officer’s family from enduring the same thing,” said Taylor.

Expecting the worse is one thing, Taylor says, but seeing it first hand, starring down the barrel of a gun and living to tell about it, that’s something entirely different.

“The injury to my neck was what I thought, at the time, the most life threatening.  I had a lot of blood loss coming from it and was actually choking on my blood,” said Taylor.

(Read full story and watch video report from WNCT)

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