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Hatboro Fire Station Expansion a Go

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By Nicole Jenet
The Public Spirit/Globe Times Chronicle

The Enterprise Fire Company building on Byberry Road in Hatboro. (Google Maps)

The first phase of improvements for Hatboro’s Enterprise Fire Company will begin March 7 following council awarding a contract to Titanium Construction Monday.

Enterprise Fire Company President Chris Gowen thanked staff and council for “pushing it through.”

The project plans began in 2005 and the fire company received a $500,000 state matching grant through the borough, Gowen said.

The match for the grant will come from a combination of $300,000 from the borough, $100,000 from the fire company and $100,000 from the borough authority, Gowen said.

At the Nov. 22, 2010, council meeting, an $860,000 bid was granted to Titanium Construction for the improvements to the Byberry Avenue firehouse, but with seven conditions.

Those conditions included bridge financing provided by the borough in an amount not to exceed $500,000; the fire company committing all funds currently in the fire house improvement fund, plus an additional $200,000 to be transferred from the fire capital reserve fund to the fire house improvement fund in or around Jan. 2011, with all funds to be used for Phase I of improvements; all terms and conditions of the mortgage on the Enterprise Fire Company Firehouse at Byberry Avenue presently held by the borough; the Enterprise Fire Company obtaining up to $100,000 in funds from the Hatboro Borough Authority to fund the Phase I improvements; Borough Council approval of all change orders, if any; approval of the bid by the Enterprise Fire Company; and, the Enterprise Fire Company being required to pay any cost incurred by the borough to borrow funds to construct the Phase I improvements awarded, according to Borough Manager Tommy Ryan.

The first phase of the project includes an approximate 3,000-square-foot, two-story addition on the back of the firehouse that will have office space, a meeting room, bunk rooms, showers, an area for a washer and dryer, and a generator, Gowen said.

“We’re excited,” Gowen said.

“We are definitely out of space inside the firehouse,” he said of the fire house that has one “tiny” office and equipment in the fire bays that should not be there because of space constraints.

A vintage Hatboro fire engine featured in the 2010 Hatboro Holiday Parade. - File - (Tom Sofield)

Including engineering costs, Gowen estimated that the improvement project will cost about $1 million.

Gowen said that this phase of the project will take about six to eight months. Once it is completed, he said the fire company will fund two additions off of the side of the firehouse, which will include chief offices, workspace for captains and equipment storage.

The Enterprise Fire Company will take out a $450,000 loan to finance those additions.

The naming rights for the firehouse’s new community training room was purchased through a $25,000 donation from Hatboro Federal Savings.

“We’re offering naming rights to other companies in organizations in and around the borough throughout the year,” Gowen said.

In about two weeks, Gowen said the fire company will hold a ground breaking ceremony, but the date is still being determined.

Republished with the permission of The Public Spirit/Globe Times Chronicle

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