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Upper Southampton Mother Hurt in Sledding Accident

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Firefighers from Northampton and Upper Southampton, Wednesday afternoon, clean-up resuce equiptment after being called to help move a mother injured in a sledding accident. (Tom Sofield)

An Upper Southampton mother had to be rescued by a team of firefighters, EMTs, and police Wednesday afternoon after she was injured in a sledding accident.

Upper Southampton Police Chief Ron MacPherson says the woman was sledding with her child down a large hill behind Klinger Middle School when she somehow fell off of the sled.

The Upper Southampton mother sustained back injuries and when first responders arrived they had to call the Northampton and Upper Southampton Fire Departments to help move the injured woman.

Firefighters along with EMT’s and police helped move the woman up two hill and to a waiting ambulance where she was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital.  Her condition is not being released at this time.

Every winter season thousands of people are hurt in sledding accidents. Gorp.com provides some tips on how to stay safe when sledding:

  • Sled only in designated areas free of fixed objects such as trees, posts and fences.
  • Make sure that all children in sledding areas are supervised by parents or adults.
  • Kids must sit in a forward-facing position, steering with their feet or a rope tied to the steering handles of the sled. No one should sled head-first down a slope.
  • Do not sled on slopes that end in a street, drop-off, parking lot, river or pond.

    A view of emergency vehicles on-scene to help rescue an Upper Southampton mother who was hurt in a sledding accident. (Tom Sofield)

The Orthopedists add a second set of rules, which they label “preferred”:

  • Children under 12 years old should sled wearing a helmet.
  • Wear layers of clothing for protection from injuries.
  • Do not sit/slide on plastic sheets or other materials that can be pierced by objects on the ground.
  • Use a sled with runners and a steering mechanism, which is safer than toboggans or snow disks.
  • Sled in well-lighted areas when choosing evening activities.

Tom Sofield (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)
Online Editor

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