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A Home Grown ‘Terrorist’ Attack – 19 Shot, 6 Dead

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) and 18 others were shot Saturday morning  in front of  Tuscon, Arizona supermarket when 22-year old Jared Lee Loughner opened fire on them.

Giffords meeting with constituents of Arizona’s 8th Congressional district for a “Congress on Your Corner” event was shot in the head.

Offcials report six victims died, including a 9-year-old Christina Green who is the grand-daughter of former Phillies manager Dallas Green, John M. Roll, chief judge for the US District Court for Arizona.  Judge Roll has local ties to the area, with a sister and cousin residing in the Bucks County. 

Dr. Peter Rhee, medical director of the hospital’s trauma and critical care unit, said Giffords had been shot once in the head, “through and through,” with the bullet going through her brain, but is “very optimistic about her recovery.”

Others Killed are, Dorothy Muarry,  76; Dorwin Stoddard, 76; and Phyllis Schneck, 79

C.J. Karamargain, Giffords spokesperson said the congresswoman remains unconscious.

 Giffords, the target of the attack officials  report,  are seeking a “person of interest,” possibly an accomplice who is in his 50’s in the shooting.

Suspected shooter, Loughner tackled immediately by attendees of the event is in FBI  custody.  He is refusing to give authorities a statement by invoking his 5th amendment rights.   As investigators  seek out the motives for the attack on the “well liked and respected,” legislator information about the suspects activities emerge.

YouTube and Facebook pages were linked through Twitter as reports of the attack gained speed on various social media sites. On his Facebook page the suspect is been reported left a “good-bye” posting.

http://www.youtube.com/user/Classitup10#p/a/u/1/nHoaZaLbqB4  (Suspect’s YouTube Page)

http://giffords.house.gov/district/cd08-map.shtml (Map of 8th Cong Dist Arizona)

http://giffords.house.gov/index.shtml (Rep. Giffords Official  Home Page)

Jeff Bohen (jbohen@buxmontnews.com)
Staff Writer

Additional Sources: The Daily Beast


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