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Three New CVS’ to Open; One to Close

The CVS Hatboro location. (Tom Sofield)

With-in six months three new local CVS Pharmacies will open and one will close according to Michael DeAngelis a spokesperson for nation’s second largest drug store chain.

DeAngelis said the first store to open would be the CVS located at the intersection of Mearns and Street Roads in Warminster.

The second location whose opening is planned for February will be the store at the corner of York and County Lines Roads.

DeAngelis said that the store at York and County Line Roads will be replacing the York Road Hatboro location which is a mile away. He said all employees from that store will be transferred to the new location.

The new CVS at York and County Line slated to open in a month. (Tom Sofield)

“We were looking for an opportunity to open a new free standing store,” said DeAngelis, who also said the Hatboro location is leased, he also said the regional office located next to the Hatboro store will remain.

The York and County Line store will be open 24/7 said DeAgelis citing the 24/7 Walgreen’s across the street.

The final CVS location in Warminster to open will be the one located at the intersection of County Line and Davisville Roads which is expected to open its doors in May of this year.

When asked why the company was building three stores in Warminster at once DeAngelis said, “It just happened to work out that way.”

The three new locations will add to the over 7,000 stores which can be found in 45 states and Puerto Rico.

Tom Sofield (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)
Online Editor

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