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Developing: AZ Rep Giffords (D) Will Surrvive, Alleged shooters YouTube page here

Rep G. Giffords

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D) Arizona holding a public event with constituents in her district was shot in the head  earlier  today.

13 others were shot including a young child that died at the University of Arizona Hospital, hospital officials report.

Pima County Arizona  Sheriff officials report “18 people were shot” and are investigating the possibility the gun-man didn’t act alone.

The name of the shooter 22-year-old with a history of police involvement  is Jared Lee Loughner , born September 1988 who is now  in police custody.

See below for link to alleged assailant’s  YouTube Page


Hospital officials are reporting Congresswoman Giffords will survive and are “optimistic about her recovery.”

Gifford’s, recently re-elected for a 3rd time  approached by Laughner  who  then fired one shot in to her head went “through and through.”

The New York Times reports the gunman approached Gifford’s from behind, held gun a foot from her head and fired.

Trauma   Director, University  of Arizona, Peter Reed  said  “10 people came to us.  A young child died , 5 are in critical condition and 5 others are in the operating room.”

Giffords was  reportedly responding to verbal commands and is now being worked on by neurosurgeon.

A Federal Judge also shot  is dead at the event  that took place in front of a  Tuscon, AZ  Safeway store.

President Obama issued a press release calling the shooting “an unspeakable tragedy.”


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