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Regional: 17 Overcome by Fumes at Jaminson Church Service


More than a dozen parishioners, police and paramedics were overcome by mysterious fumes at a Jamison church Sunday.

Paramedics arrived at St. Cyril of Jerusalem Parish after one teenager and two young adults fainted during the 9 am Mass, said Warwick Police Lt. Mark Goldberg.

The three sickened parishioners were reportedly sitting in a section of the sanctuary that is closest to where the church’s furnace and air conditioning units are housed, a church member said.

Upon arrival, the paramedics began to experience dizziness, nausea and respiratory distress.

Suspecting a possible gas leak or furnace malfunction, the church building was evacuated, and paramedics called Warwick Township Fire Company for help.

Several of the responding firefighters were also immediately sickened with the same symptoms.

In all, six parishioners, five firefighters, two Warwick police officers and five paramedics were overcome by the fumes and taken to Abington Memorial and Doylestown Hospitals, said Goldberg.


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