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Man Arrested in Apartment Burglary After ‘Intense’ Investigation

Martin McCorriston (Upper Moreland Police)

Police in Upper Moreland announced late Saturday night that they arrested a suspect who they believed burglarized an apartment two weeks ago.

Martin McCorriston, 43 of Horsham denied the burglary which occurred December 21 at the Valley Green Apartment complex.

The Upper Moreland Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division collected evidence and spoke with neighbors Saturday said Chief Thomas Nestel. Police then interviewed McCorriston where he denied knowledge of the robbery.

McCorriston’ s alibi fell apart when police who called the investigation “intense” searched the trunk of the 43-year-old’s vehicle only to find jewelry that was stolen during the crime.

McCorriston aroused suspicion when he ran into the resident of the apartment near the common door, he told resident he was delivering cookies. The person who lived in the apartment went to enter their unit and noticed the door was damaged and $400 worth of jewelry was msissing.

Charges of burglary and related offenses were brought against McCorriston, District Justice Jay Friedenberg set the Horsham resident’s bail at $50,000 and set a preliminary hearing for Tuesday.

Tom Sofield (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)
Online Editor

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