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Warminster Board Agrees to Union Concessions

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Warminster Police SUV - File (Tom Sofield)

The Warminster Board of Supervisors approved a contract concession deal between the township and the police union, the accepted deal means the township’s 49 police officers are safe from layoffs.

The board approved the deal 3-1, the deal will keep officers under contract until 2015. The new deal also means officer salaries will be frozen in 2011 but officers will get 4 percent pay raises in the following years up until the contract expires.

Under the revised contract police officers committed to contributing to their medical insurance and pitch in 5 percent of their yearly salaries toward their pensions. The pensions and insurance in previous years were fully covered by the township.

The Intelligencer newspaper reports:

Specifically, officers will pay $10 co-pays for primary care, $25 for specialists and between $100 and $150 for hospitalization.

Police will pay nothing for generic drugs and $20 for brand names.

Click to See Larger Version of flyer

Last week a flier was left at the doors of residents at Warminster’s Bucks Landing Apartments that asked them to contact the supervisors who were requesting more police concessions asking them to petition those supervisors to support the police deal and oppose layoffs.

Richard Poulson the attorney for the Warminster Township Police Benevolent Association told the board at the December 16 meeting that the townships health plan is a “car not a Rolls-Royce” and that if the department is cut public safety will suffer.

The township is facing a $3.4 million dollar budget shortfall in 2011 and has been looking to cut cost where ever possible. Warminster also worked with other township unions to reach contract concessions to save money.

Warminster’s public works and parks and recreation who are part of AFSCME local 1598 also agreed to a new deal with the town. Local 1598 members agreed to a wage freeze in 2011 and will get a 3 percent salary increase in 2012. The local 1698 members also will have to contribute to health insurance.

Employees of the police department who are non-uniformed (AFSCME local 2289) such as clerks are still working on a deal with the township.

The Board of Supervisors will meet tonight at 7 p.m. at the township administration building to vote on a 2011 budget which will likely raise taxes by $175.

BuxMontNews.com staff writer Jeff Bohen contributed to this story, additional information is from Patch and The Intelligencer.

Tom Sofield (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)
Online Editor

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    December 27, 2010 at 10:21 PM

    whycut police cut jobs that dont mattter aka township manager

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