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Boxing Day Storm Live Blog

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2:27 p.m.: The snow is over and people are digging out across the area. All the local communities have plows on the roads that a plowing and then salting to keep roads clear from remaining snow and snow drifts.

Forecasters are warning wind gust this afternoon and evening could reach nearly 50 m.p.h. Drifting snow has been reported on area roads and is lessening visibility.

Readers report to us that last night on Street Road in Warminster by the Davisville Shopping Center a car slid off the road and down a hill.

Also a reader reported that the snow total outside their Richboro home was close to 10 inches.

The Warminster snow emergency ends at 4 p.m. today and Upper Moreland’s ends at 6 p.m. The Hatboro snow emergency still has 48 hours left.

Carlos Davenport shovels snow from his Bargate Court driveway Monday mid-day after deciding to work from home today due to the weather. Davenport works in the IT field. (Tom Sofield)

Three PennDot subcontracted snow plows clear Second Street Pike in Upper Southampton shortly before daybreak Monday morning. (Tom Sofield)

This is our last live blog post of for this storm we will have a full wrap up tonight along with all the other news.

Dec. 27, 2010 5:31 a.m.: Snow is expected to taper off with-in the next few hours. Storm dropped an additional few inches over night.

Warminster’s snow emergency will end today at 4 p.m.

Upper Moreland’s snow emergency will end today at 6 p.m.

Hatboro’s snow emergency wil end 72 hours after the snow has stopped.

We have reports that many roads are still snow covered or slick so take your time when getting to work today.

SEPTA reports to be prepared for delays on all its modes of transportation due to the storm.

Submit your winter weather snow totals and photos to weather@buxmontnews.com.

11:37 p.m.: Heavy snow to continue for next few hours then snow tapering off. If you have snow totals, reports and/or photos e-mail them to us at weather@Buxmontnews.com.

Updates will continue in the early hours of the morning, I am finally getting some sleep, good night!

A loader and snow plow clear the Giant Food Store parking lot this afternoon. (Tom Sofield)

11:01 p.m.: Horsham is reporting very heavy snow, no visibility. The heavy snow is headed this way so if you don’t have to drive please don’t.

Two to three more inches of snow is expected tonight with majority of snow wrapping up by morning.

With wind chill outside temp is in low teens, high tomorrow is expected to be in the high 20’s with sun as the day goes on.

“Please take your time tomorrow morning be careful and take your time getting to work,” said Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

At of 10 p.m. unofficial measurements in Upper Southampton were nearly 8 inches of snow. This photo was taken in the evening hours on Second Street Pike.(Tom Sofield)

Snow falling in the afternoon, traffic on Second Street Pike in Upper Southampton took it slow. (Tom Sofield)

8:31 p.m.: PennDot reports that the speed limit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and I-95 in snow affected areas has been reduced to 45 m.p.h.

8:20 p.m.: Winds have really picked up and snow is falling heavy. Forecasters predict heaviest part of storm until early tomorrow morning.

Plows from PennDot and Hatboro clear York Road near County Line Road early this evening. (Tom Sofield)

A Hatboro Public Works plow clears Jacksonville Road this afternoon as children who were playing in the snow covered street clear the roadway. (Tom Sofield)

7:34 p.m.: Fire engines are assisting ambulances on their calls this evening due to the snow.

Reader submitted a report that York Road in Upper Moreland was icy and the reader asked other to slow down and proceed with caution.

Spotted at the Hatboro train station is afternoon:

A mini-van with a Florida lincence plate sits in the Hatboro train station parking lot Sunday afternoon as the area in pounded with a large snowstorm. (Tom Sofield)

Feasterville resident Tom Heston clears the snow and ice off his vehicle this afternoon as he waits for his wife outside the Pathmark in Upper Moreland. "Take your time and you will be in good shape," said Heston. (Tom Sofield)

A reader submitted this photo of snow covered Hansel Drive in Bensalem. (Submitted by Tim Mirsh)

Street Road in Bensalem. (Submitted by Tim Mirsh)

Thanks to everyone who has submitted photo and reports! Submit your winter weather snow totals and photos to weather@buxmontnews.com.

6:52 p.m.: Stephen Woerner who runs the Public Works Department in Lower Moreland reports that major roads in the township are passible and says that crews are planning to work throughout the night to try to make roads clear for tomorrow morning work commute.

Bucks County reports the top level of the new parking garage in Doylestown will be closed tomorrow, the county advises people to use lower levels or garage to park.

6:21 p.m.:

Snow falling this afternoon as motorist pump gas at the Hess gas station near the intersection of Street Road and Second Street Pike in Upper Southampton. (Tom Sofield)

6:16 p.m.: PhillyWeather.net has updated their snow totals map:

6:04 p.m.: Montgomery County officials report dangerous road conditions on Terwood Drive near Fetters Mill Road on the border or Lower Moreland and Bryn Athyn.

5:25 p.m.: Hatboro and Warminster township have declared snow emergencies. This means if you car is parked on a street that has a snow emergency sign, it must be moved to make way for plows.

2:00 p.m.: Philadelphia is now under a snow emergency.

The NFL has postponed tonight’s Eagles game until Tuesday night.

Reports area roads are covered and conditions are getting bad.

11:50 a.m.: Upper Moreland has declared a snow emergency.

Snow is now falling across the area, brining and salting operations taking place on local roads.

11:02 a.m.: From Upper Moreland Police:

In the coming hours, the possibility exists that a snow emergency may be declared by the Township Manager. During any major weather event, the public safety organizations in your township coordinate and collaborate in the efforts to keep people safe and assist people who are in harm’s way. The Upper Moreland Police Department, Willow Grove Volunteer Fire Company, Second Alarmers Ambulance Squad, and the Upper Moreland Public Works Department are prepared for the projected snow emergency. Here is some information to prepare you for this event:


Successfully driving in snow requires experience and caution. Your skill is only part of the equation. The real danger is the skill set of the other drivers who will slide into the rear of your car or will spin in front of you as you drive on the snow covered highway. Do not drive unless you absolutely have to. Do not think that four wheel drive makes you safer. Although it may assist in driving through deep snow, it will not help you when the unskilled driver slides into you.

If you absolutely have to drive, clear every window before you move the car. Doing so is required by law. If a snow emergency is declared, you cannot drive your car unless it has snow tires or snow chains. If you see a disabled vehicle on the roadway, keep moving and contact 9-1-1 immediately. Officers are strategically deployed throughout the township to enable swift response to calls for assistance.


Prior to the storm, you should ascertain if your street is a snow emergency route. Walk your block and look for the red and white snow emergency route signs. If your street is posted, then you are not permitted to park in the street during a declared snow emergency. Parking on a snow emergency route will result in your vehicle being ticketed and towed. If your street is not a posted snow emergency route, please follow this rule. On even years park your car on the even addresses side of the street and on odd years park your car on the odd addresses side of the street. These rules enable us to more quickly remove snow from your street and provide much needed paths for emergency vehicles during the storm.

Snow Removal:

Whether you are home or not, you are responsible for the removal of snow from sidewalks surrounding your property. Residential properties must have the sidewalk clear within 48 hours after the snow stops. Business properties must have the sidewalk clear by the end of the next business day after the snow stops. Fines for failing to do so are $50 for residential owners and $100 for business owners.

We do not expect our senior citizens and disabled property owners to shovel their own walks but we do expect them to make arrangements to have it done. Being away from home during the storm does not relieve you from the duty of clearing your walk. The safety of our township’s residents is very important to us and we want to ensure that there is a clear path for walking so that pedestrians do not use the street when they intelligently decide not to drive.

When shoveling or plowing, do not move the snow from your property onto the roadway. Doing so interferes with the township’s ability to clear your streets and is in violation of a Township ordinance. Pile the snow somewhere on your property where it will not interfere with the ability of vehicles and pedestrians to pass.

Power Failures:

If you lose power during the storm, immediately contact the PECO Outage Center at 1-800-841-4141. It would also be helpful to contact 9-1-1 to report the outage so that the police can identify the size of the area without power and evaluate whether there are live wires presenting a hazard. The police notifying PECO of a power outage does not speed up the response. It is very important for PECO that the resident without power actually do the notification.

Final Notes:

Listen to your body. If you begin to suffer from pain in your chest that radiates to your arms, immediately contact 9-1-1.

Help your neighbors. Weather emergencies are one of those times where we should be looking beyond our own well-being and reaching out to the elderly, infirmed and stranded to ensure that they are okay.

If you are wondering whether or not to call the police about something that you see, hear or are concerned about, then call – IMMEDIATELY. We are here to help you!

Be careful and call us if you need assistance!

Chief Thomas Nestel

10:24 a.m.: Philadelphia has declared a snow emgency that will begin at 2 p.m.

10:10 a.m.: Snow is expected to begin the area with-in the next few hours.

Philadelphia Mayor Nutter urges people with tickets to this afternoon’s Eagles game to take SEPTA as road conditions will be dangerous.

If you have snow reports or photos e-mail the to us at weather@buxmontnews.com.

8:06 a.m.: Reports that area grocery stores are packed with last-minute bread, eggs and milk runs.



Updated Totals Map:


6:10 a.m.: Talked with Stephen Woerner the pubic works director in Lower Moreland and he said that the township will be sending a small crew to pre-salt roads this morning.

Woerner also said that with talk of the storm this past week his crew readied their trucks before the holiday vacation.

Blizzard Warnings have been issued for coastal NJ but we remain in a Winter Storm Warning.

Forecasters are expecting near blizzard conditions for the area this afternoon.

The NFL has not given any word on the Eagles game which is set to start late this afternoon during the expected height of the storm.

PennDot reports the have begun brining operations on state roads (i.e. Street Road, Bristol Road, Rt. 611, Turnpike, York Road and there’s more local roads maintained by PennDot).

PennDot also says in the Philly area they will have 410 trucks out to help plow, salt and brine.

Dec. 26 5:55 a.m.: Good Morning everyone this is Tom and I’ll be updating this live blog during the storm to bring you the latest and most important information.

The storm looks like it is still on and PhillyWeather.net is report we could see anywhere from 10-15 inches.

From reports we heard last night with all the grocery stores closed for the holiday people ran to WaWa to grab bread, eggs and milk.

Here are the best ways to get the latest on the storm or submit photos/reports.

Our Weather Page



E-mail us storm photos/reports

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