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Terwood Road Christmas Display Amazes

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(Tom Sofield)

Around a curve on Terwood Road in Upper Moreland there it is a modest home that has over 100,000 Christmas lights with dozens of other outdoor decorations in, on and around it, Tony Jr. and Millie Valenza own the house which is home to one of the largest Christmas displays in the area.

“Every year I say its going to be the last, but I get thank you notes and letters so I keep doing it,” said Tony Jr. who is the Chief Financial Officer of Bux-Mont Transportation.

The Valenza’s work to prepare the display starts months before the display is lit up the weekend after Thanksgiving. The family says they begin working on decorations in the garage before they begin setting everything up outside.

Tony Jr. estimates that they have over 100,000 lights on display and says that some of his displays including a moving Santa that stands at the families front door is nearly 50 years old.

The 50-year-old Santa that sits at the Valenza's front door.

The display includes the old and new with the 50 year old Santa handed down by his father is sitting just feet away from new 21st Century LED light displays that cut down on power usage, reduce risk of a fire and last longer.

Tony Jr. says many of his decorations were handed down by his father but also says, “anything new I see I buy it.”

The home is outfitted with 24 breakers that stop power surges and other problems that arise with having over 100,000 lights plugged into their electrical sockets. Millie says that the display which has been happening for nearly 12 years between the two homes the have resided in adds nearly $1,000 to their electric bill.

The Valenza’s have three adult children and a 4-year-old grandson. Tony Jr. says many family members help him out with setting the massive display up.

Tony Jr. takes time off from work every fall to prepare his display.

The home attracts lines of car outside and many park and walk the premise of the house to admire the display.

The family says they think attendance is up this year because this year the have more than doubled the amount of candy they have put out for visitors.

Tony Jr. and Millie said last Saturday there were so many people outside looking at the Christmas lights they couldn’t go out. On Christmas Eve the family hires an off duty police officer to direct traffic outside the home. Tony Jr. also sets up cones so no one blocks his neighbors driveways.

Neighbors seem to be fine with the display with the family saying they have only had minor problems and get plenty more complements than complaints on their display.

(Tom Sofield)

“It’s beautiful,” said Sofia Cordero a elementary aged girl who has been coming to see the display since she was one.

There’s really no words to describe it,” said Larry Cordero, Sofia’s grandfather, “It’s all about keeping the kids in the spirit.”

Tony Jr. and his wife Millie say that every night of the season at least one person rings their door bell to thank them for putting the display up. “That makes it worth it,” said Tony Jr.

The display is located at Terwood Road and Brenden Circle and will be up until early January.

Video tour of the Valenza’s light display:

Video on YouTube of the family’s 2009 display:

Tom Sofield (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)
Online Editor

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