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Jeff Bohen’s Roll Call

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Watching the Flyers & Rangers on ComcastSportsNet today, one of the talking heads, made the brilliant, yet wrong observation that New York sports are jealous of Philadelphia sports fans. That was the ending line of a preview for the Giant’s –Eagles divisional clash set for 1 pm tomorrow at the New Meadowland’s, and used as a setup for the hockey game by the

To which I say jealous of what exactly? Can we get a little real here?

There is long rivalry between both cities due to proximity more than anything else, but the reality is there is nothing to be jealous off. Championships are the barometer to measure this
out in, because the only thing that matters in team sports are Rings!

The last time I looked Cliff Lee decided to sing a deal with less money and years with the Phillies over the Yankees and Rangers. This only means one thing; the Phillies are winners of the
World Series on paper only.

If recent memory serves correct, wasn’t it the same fans and media saying the same thing when Roy Oswalt came to Philadelphia? Oh yea that’s right, the local media called them a
DYBASTY! That was short-lived, because well a team with better pitching and timely hitting, the San Francisco Giants, happened. And what do you know; they won the real World Series!

And didn’t a team from New York beat a team from Philadelphia in the 2009 World Series 4 games to 2? Yea, that Yankee team did, didn’t they?

The Giants have won 3 Super Bowls since 1986.

The Eagles? NONE, Never, nada, zilch, zero!

The Rangers won a Stanley Cup in 1994. The Flyers? Uhh The last time the Cup was seen on Broad St was 1975!! Or was that 76? One thing for sure, Gerald Ford was still president so that’s a looooooooooong time ago.

The Knicks have not won a title since 1973. The 76ers won in the 1982- 1983 season with “Moses” taking them to the Promised Land. The Knicks have been to the NBA Finals twice since the 90’s, the 76ers? One time, so we’ll give that one to Philly, although the franchises seem to be heading in different directions presently.

I’ll confess one of the starters was in a class with me at Temple, and you can’t help but root for a guy that’s as humble as he is. There’s nothing basketball star about him, and in my book that’s a good thing. And he has winner written all over him, so root for Juan Fernandez.

The last time Men’s College Basketball meant anything in New York was when a kid from Flatbush, named Mullin was shooting the lights out on a nightly basis for St. Johns.

So I don’t think “jealous” quite covers it, Mr. Flyer’s broadcaster.

New Yorkers don’t waste time with jealousy when it comes to sports, they just let the numbers, and dates in this case, speak for themselves.

Oh yea, the Phils won another World Series this week well,,,,on paper that is.

Giants –Eagles is one of the many highlights this NFL Sunday.

The battle for the Eastern division crown will end with an Eagles win tomorrow. If the Giants win, it will go down to the wire. The Giant’s finish on the road with games at Green Bay (QB Aaron Rodgers, will not play against New England tomorrow) and at Washington, which is going through one of those decades…again.

The Eagles close out with Minnesota & those winners of all Super Bowls played on paper in the past 15 years the Cowboys.

The significant difference from the first meeting between the two teams that will be a definitive factor for this game comes in the form of two nasty, straight ahead, I dare you to try and tackle me words;

And that would be Brandon Jacobs.

If you’ve seen him since he got his starting job back one thing is clear. He is the force he was two seasons prior, and he’s stopped his twinkle toes routine when heading towards the line of scrimmage. He now just runs straight into you.

So if I’m playing for the Eagles secondary tomorrow it might be a good day to call out sick or something, unless of course you want to be hit by the Jacobs Train.

Should be a great game though, east coast football. The way the game is supposed to be played.

On another note, and just as important is the University of Connecticut’s Woman’s Basketball Team.

Winners of 87 straight, tomorrow they can tie the record of 88 held by the UCLA Bruins of the 70’s The Huskies, ranked first in the country, plays tenth ranked Ohio State at 1pm tomorrow looking to tie the record. Win or lose, that team historically speaking is something to behold.

Go Lady Huskies!

And to the Penn State Women’s Volleyball team congratulations, they won their fourth consecutive title today sweeping the University of California 3 sets to none.

Senator Toomey, where are the Jobs?

Oh yea, by the way, as a disclaimer, I am a proud New York Sports fan. And NY just kicked your *** Philadelphia..again.

Jeff Bohen (jbohen@buxmontnews.com)

Staff Writer

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