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Willow Grove Charity Collects Holiday Gifts for Local Families Battling Childhood Cancer

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(The Kisses for Kyle Foundation)

The Kisses for Kyle Foundation is holding its second annual holiday gift drive and is asking for the community to assist by purchasing items from their “wish list”, compiled by local children battling cancer.

“I can still remember the feeling inside I had when someone who did not know us reached out to give my son, Kyle, a gift,” says Sharon Snyder, foundation president.

Snyder, who lost her son to leukemia, founded the organization in 2001 to help families affected by childhood cancer residing in the Delaware Valley region.

“I am trying my best to do what I can to help another local family. With so much taken away, it is a comfort to them knowing something like a holiday is taken care of and, instead of it being a burden, there is some happiness that comes their way. It fills a void that helps these families get through the holidays in a time where it is difficult to see the joy.”

Sample wish list items include a Barbie Dollhouse (requested by a nine-year-old girl with cancer), a fire engine truck (requested by a three-year-old boy with Neuroblastoma), and a V-Tech V-Reader (requested by a three-year-old girl with cancer).

Since Willow Grove based Kisses for Kyle Foundation supports the entire family, requests have also been taken from and will be fulfilled for siblings as well.

In addition, they are also asking for donations of items such as wrapping paper and gift bags, as well as gift cards for the families.

(The Kisses for Kyle Foundation)

They will also receive financial contributions to purchase any unfulfilled items, and hope to be able to include at least one store gift card for every family.

For more information about The Kisses for Kyle Foundation, please visit their website at www.KissesforKyle.org, or join their group page on Facebook, key word “Kisses for Kyle Foundation”.

To contact Sharon Snyder directly, please call (267) 210-1489 or send an email to KissesforKyle@comcast.net.

Rachel Acquaviva (racquaviva@buxmontnews.com)

Staff Writer

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