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The Con is Over: Con Man Back in America

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A con-man from Lower Southampton who was arrested in October after scamming people in Bucks County, Montgomery County, Panama, Costa Rica and Belize was ordered Wednesday in Bucks County court to be held in prison without bail.

Richard D. Cover Jr, 38,. also known as “R.J. Erwin”, “Rick Cover” or “Joseph Erwin Cover” was sent to jail for violating his parole stemming from an earlier arrest reported Ben Finley of Phillyburbs.com

Cover who was arrested in the Central American country of Belize last month faces more than 100 felony charges in the United States.

Cover also faces various other charges in Central America.

Lower Southampton police told local media that he ripped off local residents to the tune of more than $100,000.

Cover ripped unsuspecting people off using the business name Cover Construction and Remodeling, where he claimed to remodel homes, in reality he never completed the work.

He also stole by telling people including friends to invest in a daycare he owned, he said he would take the daycare public and investors would see returns but Cover kept the money for himself.

The website RipoffReport.com which collects stories of rip-offs from users has a page set up for Cover and five people who claim to have been scammed by him.

About two years ago after Cover got word police in Pennsylvania were closing in on him he fled to Panama leaving his family with young children behind.

In Panama he ripped off Americans who are now living in the country.

Panama-Guide.com reports Cover is a gambler who owns many gambling debts to people including the mob. Lower Southampton police suspect Cover was also running a gambling ring in Philadelphia and acquired debts here before he flew to Central America.

After Don Winner of Panama-Guide.com caught on to Cover’s con, he removed his personal documents and moved to Belize where he worked at a Coldwell Banker Real Estate office before he was apprehended by authorities

In Panama he started a new family with a woman who Winner says was involved in his crimes and a nine-month-old son.

Cover’s arrested in early fall was triggered by phone tips to the FBI from an unknown source.

Tom Sofield (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)
Online Editor

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