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Second Suspect Arrested in Murder of Northampton Jeweler William Glatz

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
Surveillance video of Obina Onyiah. (Philadelphia Police)

Philadelphia police announced the arrest of a career criminal in connection with helping prison escapee Kevin Turner murder William “Bill” Glatz of Northampton at his Rising Sun Avenue jewelry store in Philadelphia’s Northeast last month.

Philly cops say Obina Onyiah, 27, of Philadelphia who has a long rap sheet including robbery charges was arrested after being questioned at police headquarters.

Police say that Onyiah and recent prison escapee Turner, 22, cased William Glatz Jewelers before trying to hold-up the popular store which had been in the neighborhood for over 60 years.

The two men pulled guns on 67-year-old Glatz who then pulled out a pistol and engaged in a shoot-out with the would be robbers. In the end Glatz and Turner died in the store of their wounds.

In a released surveillance tape Onyaih is seen running out of the store after the shoot-out.

Onyaih had recently been released from jail after a three year federal sentence due to being found to have robbed several New Jersey banks.

Friends and family often wondered why Glatz kept the Philadelphia store open after the area surrounding it had become a haven for crime. Glatz would respond by telling family and friends he kept the store open because the neighborhood depend on him.

Glatz and his wife operated at second store on York Road in Warwick which opened several years ago.

Authoirties say Onyiah who is being held without bail was charged with murder, robbery and related offenses.

Tom Sofield (tsofield@buxmontnews.com)
Online Editor

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