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Buster Posey Singled in the first to drive in Freddy Sanchez, Giants take 1-0 lead

In the second inning, Posey spanked one to deep center, first basemen Aubrey Huff scores. Giants 2-0 in the 3rd.

A one out single by Placido Polanco, Ryan Howard walks, Jason Werth comes to the plate first and second, one out in the top of the 4th.

Werth lines out, Rollins strikes out looking. No runs across.

Giants coming up bottom of the 4th, lead 2-0.

No runs across for the Giant in the bottom of the fourth.

Phils up top of the fifth,

Ben Francisco singled to short, Carlos Ruiz singles to right, Blanton moves runners over to snd & 3rd.

Shane Victorino singles to shallow center, Franciso scores, Ruiz out at home.

Giants 2- Phils 1

Utley singles to right, Victorino to second.

Double Switch for the Giants. Casilla to Pitch Torrez in CF for Rowand.

Polanco doubles to deep center, Victorino and Utley score. Phil lead for first tinme tonight, 3-2.

Polanco scores on wild pitch. 4-2 Phils.

Rollins K’s to end the inning,,,4-2 Phils

Giants are threatening,,,,Balnton out, Contreares in the game.

Huff singles to left, Torres scores, 4-3 Phils.

Posey Strikes out swinging,,,end of inning,,

Phils go out in order, in the top of the 6th.

Durbin in to pitch the 6th for the Phils.

Burrell walks, Ross coming up..He Doubles, Burrell to 3rd.

Sandoval lines one down the first base line,,,looks to be a fair ball, but called foul.

Mgr. Bochy out to argue. Nothing comes of it,,,,

Sandoval, doubles to center, 2 runs score, SF leads 5-4.

End of the 7th, SF Leads Philly

Posey doubles to right going the other way with an off the plate fastball.

Anthony Bastardo in, walks walks burrell, Ross reaches on SS Rollins error.

Bases loaded, one out. No damage done.

Gianst lead 5-4.

Howard slams a doubke to the gap off of RP Lopez.

Ross goes from right to left, Schierhols to right, Romo in to pitch,,,

Werth booms a double, Howard scores. Tie Game!

Rollins K’s, Francisco up…………He strikes out.
Ruiz K’s Tie game,,,,,bottom of 8th

Torres singles, thrown oout stealing..Renteria up..Strikes out

Goig to the top of the 9th. Closer Wilson coming in to face Pinch Hitter, Victoring, and Utley.

Wilson blows through the top of the 9th, finishing it off by fanning Utley.

Bottom of the 9th coming. Roy Oswalt pitching,,,,Sanchez lines out. Huff singles to right,,,,

Posey singles to right, 1st & 3rd. Urbie Fly Ball to left,,,,Gianst win 6-5!!! Lead 3-1!

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