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Willow Grove Woman Fakes Cancer

Alicia Tolton, 26, claimed to be suffering from breast and ovarian cancer, the Willow Grove woman planned to cash in on other peoples charity by faking her illness and collecting donations, the problem is she wasn’t sick.
Alicia Tolton (MySpace.com)

Upper Moreland police said that Tolton solicited donations from people on Facebook and even had an October 17 Beef & Beer Fund Raiser planned to help raise money for her “treatment.”

Tolton’s manipulative attempt to get cashed raked in close to $1,000 and two Eagles tickets before police stopped her.

The October 17 fund raising event titled “Wishes for Alicia”, which was set up by two unsuspecting good hearted local woman has been canceled.

Tolton used the money she had already received to pay her bills and drug debts.

The woman even convinced her father, a 35 year member of the Willow Grove Fire Company, that she was stricken with cancer.

She manipulated people by presenting them with fake bills and documents from the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

On her Myspace page Tolton list her occupation as a 911 dispatcher.

Tolton has been charged with theft, forgery, tampering with records and is being held in Montgomery County jail on $25,000 bail.

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