Reid’s Last Gasp?

September 26, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s Fall in the Philadelphia area.

Mick Vick, named by Coach Andy Reid to start for the Eagles this weekend, gets the opportunity to make Reid look good.

H20 is the cry among Phils Fans- Halladay,Hamels and Oswalt.

The Phils are set to clinch another division title.

But are they real STORIES of Philadelphia Sports?

Or is it what is behind the scenes….?

NFL Week 3 Features such a story.

Andy Reid has been the coach of the Eagles since 1999.

A Super Bowl loss, 5 Straight NFC Championship Game appearances, and a .615 winning percentage, there is not much left for Reid to accomplish.

One has to wonder, though, if the Reid’s flip-flop about his quarterback situation is much more than meets the eye.

Face it, with Media and Fans alike screaming about the 4th down play call against the Packers, Time Out management issues and game clock issues in general was Reid’s move to Vick as QB out of desperation?

Dan Kolb was named starting QB a blink after long time QB Donovan Mcnabb was traded down I-95 to Washington.

Kolb Starts Game one, doesn’t look good, and it’s Vick to the rescue.

Fans screaming for Vick to named the starter, lose when Kolb is named to start against the Jacksonville Jaguars today.

On Tuesday, Reid does an about-face, says Vick’s his guy for NFL Week 3.

From afar this looks like desperation.

All Summer long in Philadelphia, the Eagles said over and over again, Kolb is the guy.

He is the QB of the future, and we see him (Kolb) leading us to the promised land.

Wednesday morning all that hope and hype was put on the back burner, for the reemergence of Micheal Vick. He look great in his Half plus appearance scrambling, jiving, juking, against the Packers.

Vick made the Detroit Lions defense look silly.

He has been sacked 11 times though in six quarters of play.

Ron Jaworski, ESPN Football Analyst and Eagles legend pointed out, “those 11 sacks have all come from the right side,” so what does Reid do if Vick gets hurt?

Go back to Kolb?

There is more than meets the eye here.

Reid is well known for being stubborn, dry, and hard to sway.

So how in 24hrs does the Head Football Coach Andy Reid change his mind about the
the guy he says “will bring titles to Philly.”

Bet on it being a last gasp effort to win a title.

Because from the looks of it, there isn’t much else to hold on to in terms of the future.

Lastly, lost in the buildup to NFL Week 3 is Wide Receiver of the Denver Broncos Kenny McKinley’s suicide on He died Monday from a self-inflicted guh shot wound to the head, police say.

AP reports say that Mckinley spoke of suicide to friends but friends thought wasn’t serious.

If you know someone, that has openly discussed suicide, please get help for them.

In Bucks County you can call The Greater Philadelphia Suicide Prevention Hot line at

1 800 273 8255-

or Local Crisis Lines:

Lower Bucks: 215 355 6000 Or 215 547 1889
Central Bucks: 215 340 1998
Upper Bucks: 215 536 0911

In Montgomery County

Suicide & Crisis Intervention Center 610-279-6100


Montgomery County Mental Health
Phone: 610-278-3642

Depression is a treatable. Help someone, help themselves.

Rest in Peace, Kenny McKinley.

Jeff Bohen (

Staff Writer

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