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Why do they matter?

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
Editors Note: Due to technical problems this was not posted until today. This was meant to be posted last Friday.

For weeks I have watched, waited, and have been patient. Enough is enough all ready!

What is it that’s bugging me? The latest event, or is that a threat?, brings to us this self proclaimed voice of god pastor from Florida planning to burn Koran’s unless he gets his way. That being the planned Mosque being built, not on the ground zero location, but approximately four city blocks away.

By the pastor any comments about the Porn shop down the block?

Since when does the building of anything private in New York City have anything to do with Florida? Alaska? Ohio? Washington? Arizona?


I was born and raised in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. And in all honesty anyone that wasn’t born in NY really has no place in the debate about the proposed religious building.

Mayor Bloomberg is the only official that matters in terms of the politics about this issue. Govenor Patterson is a lame duck Governor at this point and whatever he has to say really doesn’t matter.

The people of the five boroughs, they have a say, but all others? You really need to
shut up!

I am going to New York this weekend. I plan to visit the Ground Zero to pay my respects. I will buy a coffee for service men and woman I see. I will do the same for those that work for the FD NY, NY PD, and NY EMT service’s.

What will you do this weekend to pay respects? Continue to talk of intolerance?

Ask yourself that as you watch and observe the battle of messages this weekend on the various media outlets this weekend.

–Jeff Bohen

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