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Car Accident at Van Horn and Jacksonville in Warminster

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Neighbors in who live near Jacksonville Road and Van Horn Drive in the Warminster Heights section of Warminster say shortly after noon a loud “crash” was heard and when they came out two mangled blue cars with passengers inside rested in a debris field of shattered glass and broken plastic.
Early scanner reports said that a 19 year old man received head lacerations and a 35 year old man complaining of chest pains were rushed to the hospital by members of the Second Alarmers Rescue Squad.
Locals say that three cars were involved and the two blue cars were in the worst condition.
Warminster Heights residents watched as EMT’s put a heavier set man onto a stretcher and load him into an ambulance.
Warminster and Hatboro police blocked Jacksonville Road between County Line and the Warminster Train Station.
Residents of the government subsidized Charter Arms Independent Living Retirement Home on Potter Street which is located near the accident waited at the SEPTA bus stop wondering if the bus would come because its usual route was blocked by the closure of Jacksonville Road.
Officer Vargo of the Warminster Police Department said, “The accident should be cleared shortly.”  
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